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April 4, 2015by admin0

2015bidsThe Slick Marketers’ family is one that grows in leaps and bounds with each passing day. First, we have added more team members to better serve our clients.  Then, we also added a member to our immediate family; a healthy baby boy!  There really could be no better way to start 2015. We are certain that this year will be even better than the last.

Orange County Marketing Services 2014 – A Good Year

When we reflect on the past year, we are grateful to have wonderful clients whom we serve. While many of our clients often express their appreciation for what we do and the results we provide, the best compliments have always been client referrals… which have been great in 2014. We truly appreciate our clients who have entrusted us with their marketing needs. Not only have we grown in our family of customers, but in the Slick Marketing team as well.
Some of the major accomplishments of 2014 include:

• Welcoming a new baby to the family
• Earning the trust of new clients
• Adding more team members

Orange County Marketing Services 2015

A glimpse of services that we offer at Slick Marketers

As we have grown as a team in the past few years, we’ve also developed a strong and steady client base. As “slick” digital marketers, we offer our clients Google Adwords management, SEO services, website design and development services, graphic design services, and much more.
Our marketing services help establish and improve your web presence and online visibility. Our web design/ development services are aimed towards building websites for our clients that engage users and reduce bounce rates, thus driving quality traffic to them. The websites we design are mobile friendly and look great on any mobile device (tablets and smart phones) as well as on conventional laptops and desktops. Our professional team of designers adds that final touch to deliver the right marketing message to your target market.

Digital-marketing-services-e1422409389892In knowing that the best graphic designs cannot guarantee traffic, we offer SEO, Social media marketing, Google Adwords and additional digital marketing services to enhance the reach of your website by increasing its visibility. The SEO experts at Slick Marketers make sure that your website is fine tuned for first page search results on search engines such as Google. We will work with you to ensure that your on page and off page SEO settings are fine tuned to rank your website on first page. This goes beyond keyword research and implementation to our website, it includes PPC, blog posting, quality link building, Google Adwords, Local SEO and much more.
Another very important aspect of digital marketing is Social media marketing, which has become indispensable these days. Our SMM services are aimed to take your business directly to your clients and to help you interact with prospects and idea leads. We have you covered when it comes to posting SEO friendly, relevant, and compelling Social Media content (including platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and others).
Don’t hesitate to contact Slick Marketers to ask about our services and learn more about what we do and the results we can deliver for your business. Call us at (714) 496-4499.

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