Why Businesses Implement Google Pay Per Click Advertising

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Why Businesses implement Google Pay Per Click Advertising.


In the past, consumers could be targeted with cute ads cleverly placed between their favorite TV shows or even with well thought out circulars in the paper and billboards along the highway. With the permeation of the internet, it has become almost every aspect of our lives. The internet is now the place to be for businesses that want to grow their client base beyond their local borders. Keeping that in mind, online advertising is no longer about simply having a well-built website. Savvy business owners understand that they need to move beyond the basic SEO (search engine optimization) tactics that have been employed over the years to generate organic traffic. One way to get immediate traffic to your website is PPC (pay per click) ads that will keep customers coming and sales ringing up all year long.


Why SEO/ search engine optimization just isn’t enough:

Organic advertising has its benefits, such as creating a natural following for your brand or business that will create awareness internet-wide regardless of actual purchase follow through. This is a great way to get your name out to the masses and hit your branding goals, but is not as effective in increasing targeted sales in a short period of time. This is where the beauty of PPC marketing comes into play.

How Google  PPC/ Pay Per Click Advertising is different from SEO:


PPC marketing is different from SEO in that instead of creating targeted pages of content to draw in readers and consumers, you are able to directly invest in paid searches, which offers faster and more immediate results than organic SEO methods. Businesses choose PPC marketing for a range of reasons such as being able to reliably generate more leads to their sites, which in turn results in lead generation. There is also the additional benefit of increasing web traffic to the site, which has a positive effect on overall lead generation and sales as well as creating a measurable ROI.


Google is the most well-known search engine out there, and if your product, service, or business, shows up on the first page of searches, chances are you are going to make a lot more than your competitors, regardless of the product. Gaining space on first page through organic SEO is a great endeavor, but it can take a lot longer than most companies realize, and even then, keeping that page rank requires a lot of dedicated effort. With PPC advertising, not only are your paid advertisements shown on the first page of search, it can also be displayed on “search networks” such as the sidebars and across Google’s other services including YouTube and Gmail, which increases your visibility and chances of click through.


Take your business to the next level with Google PPC/ Pay Per Click Advertising:

With a robust strategy for PPC, you can truly take your business to the next level. This isn’t surprising, and many companies, small and large, allocate at least 35% of their marketing budget solely to PPC marketing. If you’d like a Google Adwords professional to set up Google Adwords campaigns for your business, just give us a call at (714) 496-4499. If you already have an account and would like a consultation on how to further streamline your account, give us a call and we’d be happy to take a look at your account.


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