Identifying SEO Content for more Traffic

April 7, 2015by admin0

Professional Online Marketers know that Content is King

Content is king. When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) success, this is the term that you’ll hear again and again.  Without quality content including the right keywords or key phrases, Google and other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing will not be able to sort out the best qualified websites to take you to.  So what do you need to do to quality for first page ranking on Google, Yahoo and other search engines?  In other words, how do you make sure that your products/ services show up as the best match for the solutions that people are searching for?  First you need to do your research.

Identifying SEO Content for more Traffic

Our experts at Slick Marketers will sit down with you and assess your needs. We will identify the best keywords/ key phrases (SEO content) that would best suit your business needs. Good SEO content-drafting calls for experience with subtly putting in keywords and tailoring your needs for search engine compatibility. Our team is one made up of professionals—each writer and editor has extensive experience and SEO knowledge and will work with you to successfully craft interesting and productive content. Our SEO writers are highly-trained in multiple areas, which include:
 seo-content-writing• Service pages
• Descriptions of products
• Main/About pages
• SEO articles based on geographic targeting
• Articles which incorporate a relevant topic
• Press Releases which are tailored to SEO
• Blog Posts which are unique and SEO-laced
• We conduct thorough research to craft expert industry content
• Link bait

Can you pick your own topics/titles?

Of course, it’s your brand; you’re free to do whatever you like. But our team is happy to assist you by providing, for an additional fee, a list of SEO-optimized topics and titles. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to come up with the most successful SEO titles and topics to help bring in the right audience to your website.

How will my content sent to me?

We will send you an email which will have a document attached, in which all of your articles will be contained.

Do I own the content?

You will have exclusive ownership to your content. We simply draft your content for you, but everything belongs to you. All of our content is absolutely unique and never reused elsewhere.

A good SEO (search engine optimized) website will:

• Acquire links
• Generate traffic
• Increase in-bound marketing
• Establish your authority on the market
• Increase awareness of your brand
• Give you a strong online presence
• Connect you with a community and create brand loyalty
• Increase your customer’s trust in you and your reputation
• Engage in social media
• Garner fame

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