Animated Videos

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Animated Videos

  • Summarize complex ideas into quick and effective animated videos (often called explainer videos, overview videos, how-it-works videos, demo videos, etc.).
  • Usually 1-2 minutes in length
  • May or may not have voice over (it is best to have voice over and text)



1) Script Writing – 1st week

The most critical component of your explainer video

  • A well written script is the foundation of a great video. But it takes time for writers to fully understand your company, product, or service and synthesize it into 150 words. Each video also requires a creative direction and storyline, something that can take time for all parties to agree upon.
  • 150 words is about a 1 minute video

2) Storyboarding & Styleframes

We outline the story of the video in visual form. This gives you an exact idea of how the entire animation would flow

3) Voice Over

A professional voice artist will get into the studio and record a read-through of the script

4) Design and animation

Once the voiceover is recorded, the animator will break every layer and meticulously animate each piece to match the voice recording. From here any changes to the script, storyboard or style, could throw a huge kink in the timeline and incur more costs..

5) Sound Design

Last but not least, a sound engineer mixes the sound together, including the music, voiceover, and sound effects. Nothing ruins a video like poor sound quality, so never underestimate the importance of professionally mixed voiceovers, music tracks, and sound effects.

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