International Women’s Day 2018

March 8, 2018by Josh Davis

Women around the world rejoice, for this year, perhaps more than most in recent history, poses significant strides for gender parity. Boosted by the collective call to action stemming from the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, International Women’s Day 2018 seeks to encourage people to #PressforProgress. Under this year’s slogan, International Women’s Day clearly calls upon society to continue this trend of upward momentum for gender parity, in addition to celebrating all that women are, have been, and can be. With that being said, on a much smaller scale, International Women’s Day is about uplifting and appreciating the women around you. For Slick Marketer’s Nikki Ong, this means celebrating all that her grandmother has done for her and her family, for nearly nine decades.

Shortly after the war ended in 1975, Doc Nguyen emigrated from Vietnam to the United States of America, in search of a better life. As a nation built on the back of emigration, this story is not too uncommon, yet the same cannot be said about the woman in question. As strong-willed as she was beautiful, Doc fought to forge a pathway to success for her nine children, and succeeded in realizing what many consider to be the “American dream”. As time progressed and Doc’s children began having children of their own, Nikki grew up as a bit of a troublemaker, making the most of her grandmother’s sharp sense of humor. Nikki often looks back at this time with fond memories, reveling in the time that Doc threatened to send her to the nunnery, all while hysterically laughing. In addition to her wit, Doc has also served as the glue, from which all of the family has stuck together. Whether it be through helping raise Nikki’s sister Linh, or by organizing gatherings exceeding fifty people, Doc has always put her love of family before anything else. It was at these large family gatherings, that Nikki spent many a childhood summer climbing ladders and fruit trees, with her cousins. Even as Doc grew older and her health began to decline, she remained as strong as ever, keeping herself in shape and refusing to be beaten by over five visits to the emergency room. However, safe in the knowledge that she’s lived a full life and that her family will continue to thrive, Doc is finally ready to call time on what has been a truly inspiring journey. Today is a day to acknowledge the strength, beauty, and love that make women like Doc Nguyen so special to every life that they touch.

In closing, Wednesday March 8th, 2018 is dedicated to Doc Nguyen and every other woman that has paved the way for succeeding generations of women to follow. It is through the strength and direction of these women, that we make our own indelible marks on society.



Josh Davis