Two Years Later: The Power of Slick Marketers and Sola Salons Marketing

March 26, 2018by Josh Davis

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Much has happened in the two years since Slick Marketers and Sola Salon Studios franchisees first established their working relationship. Slick Marketers has seen its client base grow exponentially, while Sola Salon Studios has expanded to accommodate over 400 locations throughout the nation. All things considered, this mutual success serves as the perfect example of what can be achieved, when two organizations work together towards a common goal. However, it’s worth noting that in this synergistic association, both parties have played off of each other’s strengths. It is through these strengths, that the partnership found its footing and eventually flourished. Powered by Slick Marketers, the Sola Salons marketing campaign has paid dividends for all those involved. 

A Promising Future

As a premier marketing services company, Slick Marketers specializes in search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click advertising, graphic design, and content writing. As a prime purveyor of state-of the-art salon studios, Sola offers beauty professionals the opportunity to own and operate their own salons. In tandem, Slick Marketers and Sola franchisees have implemented a strategy that has yielded success on a national scale. The core foundation of this strategy, has been built around a steady stream of Google Adwords campaigns and social media marketing. On what swiftly developed into a weekly schedule consisting of ad campaigns and multi-platform posting, has now evolved into a steady flurry of social media interaction. Rounded out by our monthly reports detailing their enhancement in web traffic and brand development, it’s clear to see the significant impact that Slick Marketers has made on the Sola Salons marketing campaign. Nevertheless, these unprecedented levels of success may never have come to fruition, if not for our innovative systematic reconstruction that improved upon the previous structure. As a result, the partnership between Slick Marketers and Sola Salon Studios franchisees has never been stronger, and the future looks fruitful for all those involved.   

Josh Davis