Marketing To-Do List

July 17, 2018by Josh Davis

Marketing To-Do List

At Slick Marketers, our diverse and experienced team of marketing professionals offer content writing, pay per click/adwords, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and graphic design for our wide array of clients. Without getting into the specifics of each service, it’s simply worth knowing that each diverse branch of marketing serves a very specific purpose. With that being said, creating and maintaining a “marketing to-do list” is a useful way to keep your marketing-related goals in line and priorities in check.

Marketing Message

  1. Update Company Website– The first item on this marketing to-do list, is taking the time to consider the message that you’re conveying to your audience. Essentially, this begins with your company website, which is often the first impression that you make on your target audience. In order to maximize the opportunity that comes with making a good first impression, it’s imperative that your website is up-to-date and accurate. If your business doesn’t make a considered effort to provide both its current clients and potential customers with updated information, the message that this conveys is one of negligence and disregard. In fact, the value of keeping clients and prospects consistently updated, actually leads to the second item on this marketing to-do list.
  2. Email Blast– The importance of consistently emailing your customers cannot possibly be understated, as this is often times the most effective way to market new products and services, in addition to showing your appreciation for their business. This form of marketing is known as an “email blast” and is something that we do on a regular business for our clients at Slick Marketers.
  3. Social Media Presence– The third and final item on this marketing to-do list, is actively maintaining a presence on social media. In the current social media-driven generation, social media marketing is easily the most frequent and visible way to keep your community in the loop. Essentially, a combination of regular posting, commenting, liking, and direct messaging, is the most modern and invaluable method of attracting and engaging your intended audience.

If by the end of this blog you’re able to check each item off of this “marketing to-do list”, your company is in great shape in terms of the marketing model that it has adopted. If not, it’s time to make changes that will undoubtedly elevate the trajectory of your marketing model.

Josh Davis