Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Slick Marketers Family

December 22, 2018by Josh Davis

It’s the last day of work at the office before the Christmas holiday, meaning that the time has come to briefly reflect on all that has been achieved in the past year. With that being said, 2018 was undoubtedly a huge year for Slick Marketers, if not the most significant year for the company so far. Exponential growth was enjoyed throughout, with both the number of new team members and new clients increasing as the year went on. New team members included content specialist Josh Davis, SEO specialist Steven Jung, graphic design guru Kim Pua and social media specialist Olivia Hernandez. New clients included those in the beauty industry, printer ink industry, satellite communications industry, industrial supply industry and flooring industry, as well as one advocating for social justice and equality in America.

Hired in March, content specialist Josh Davis has supplied clients in all industries with a steady flow of blog entries, press releases and social media posts, that have done much to inform clients’ customers of any and all information benefiting both parties. Hired in May, SEO specialist Steven Jung has diligently worked at securing high rankings for many of our clients on Google, thus increasing their visibility to potential customers. Both hired in August, graphic design guru Kim Pua has done an exceptional job in creating gorgeous and value-added content primarily for our clients in the beauty industry, while social media specialist Olivia Hernandez has consistently engaged with clients’ existing audiences, in addition to growing those audiences to even greater numbers. With that being said, this has all occurred within the confines of the company’s new office space, which was acquired in early May, just before Steven Jung joined the team. Meanwhile, veteran member of the Slick Marketers team, Krystin Rader, has continued to perform an essential role in the Slick Marketers ranks, through her steady stream of both content and social media engagement. Finally, bosses Roth and Nikki Ong deserve special praise for leading Slick Marketers into a new era both inside and outside of the office, overseeing and contributing to operations in all aspects of the company. With their continued leadership, 2018 is just the beginning, for many big years at Slick Marketers to come.

Although looking back at 2018 allows us to appreciate all that has been achieved, it also allows us to look forward to all that is yet to be achieved in 2019. Above all, we look forward greatly to continuing to grow our clients’ businesses in the new year. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, from the Slick Marketers family.

Josh Davis