Stay on Track in 2020! 10 Digital Marketing Trends to Keep up with in the New Year

January 9, 2020by Josh Davis

In the world of digital marketing, trends are constantly changing, but we found these 10 trends to be the best for your business to adopt at the start of this new decade! 🤛🏻 🗒

1. Chatbots: Instantly respond to customers for better service and satisfaction
2. Visual content & visual storytelling: strong interactive imagery and channels are a powerful way to reach a younger demographic
3. High-quality content: Entertaining but informational content that can stand out among the masses
4. Voice-powered search: Being more convenient, 50% of searches will become voice-based
5. Personalization: Creating personal messages that include consumer behaviors, purchase history, or targeted clicks, have been shown to improve response rates
6. Al assistance: Artificial Intelligence allows businesses to work smarter and not harder, by providing in-depth insights
7. Google analytics: Provides hundreds of metrics to understand your customers better
8. Customer retention: Keep existing customers engaged with subscriptions, personalizations and experience convenience
9. Social media marketing: Connects with your audience to build a brand and increase sales, or website traffic
10. Google ads: This trend will see the largest growth in 2020 from shopping ads to discovery ads.

Josh Davis