The Power of Hashtags

February 12, 2020by Josh Davis

Since 2007, social media sites have been using hashtags as a way to easily group content and topics together. Hashtags can leverage a business by increasing engagement, building your brand, and finding your audience. By using trending hashtags, you can organize content into an easily searchable category of topics that are important to consumers. By doing this, you can increase a brand’s awareness and engagement by up to 50%. When a business correctly uses relevant hashtags on their posts, it builds an image for your brand that your audience can recognize and engage with. Essentially, the target audience is what drives your content, so why not make it easy to reach them and vice versa? Hashtags that are relevant to your target audience, are the key to allowing your target audience to connect with your business and/or brand. However, there are still specific marketing strategies that must be employed in order to reap the full benefit of hashtags, and that’s where Slick Marketers comes in. We look into your business’s target market and what hashtags they are using based on locations, relevance, trending topics and searches.

Josh Davis