We’re All in This Together

March 18, 2020by Josh Davis

With the unique challenges COVID-19 has brought to our community, Slick Marketers wants to take this time to focus now more than ever, on the community and businesses that it has been proud to be associated with. While we highly encourage following the guidelines placed by the State of California and the CDC, we also want to highly encourage you to support businesses around you. 

  1. Order takeout or delivery. Many restaurants are now offering takeout and delivery services, in light of temporarily being required to shut down their sit-down services.
  2. Buy Gift Cards. Buying gift cards can give a business confidence that customers will return once they reopen, as well as provide extra support in profits. 
  3. Shop Local Businesses Online. To help balance closures, businesses are offering special online shopping experiences in order to satisfy customers and provide the same shopping opportunity that they otherwise would have if they came in-store.
  4. Review their business on Google. Reviews help a business stand out from their competition and increase their chances of being seen in search results. It also provides consumers with better visibility when it comes to looking for places still open, places for take-out and restaurants that deliver. 
  5. Stay home if you are sick. This is a practice that everyone should be doing, but there’s also businesses still open that are relying on healthy employees and customers to keep them in business.
  6. Take advantage of discounts happening. Discounts still give businesses that support they need and attract customers and clients, so that they can keep their doors open.
  7. Spread the word! If you know of a business that has left a positive impression and memorable service, share it through social media, or to friends & family. 
  8. Be Patient and Say Thank you. Grocery store employees have been hard at work and letting them know that you appreciate their services can go a long way. There’s also cleaning crews working tirelessly to ensure public areas are safe and clean. The businesses that are able to continue operating are trying to make each customer’s or client’s experience as uninhibited as possible. Staying patient with wait times spreads gratitude!

Josh Davis