We’ve Got This

March 20, 2020by Josh Davis

As COVID-19 has continued to spread throughout the United States and the world, it’s greatly impacted the way that many of us work. Some industries continue to work as normal, some have begun to work remotely, and some have been prevented from working entirely. At Slick Marketers, we’ve acted both swiftly and responsibly, as reliable news outlets have continued to advise the public on how best to stay healthy and stem the spread of this devastating coronavirus. With that being said, as a company we quickly decided that working remotely would be the best way forward, and we’ve been able to manage this transition seamlessly. Through numerous conference calls with both clients and fellow team members, Slick Marketers has been able to effectively shift our marketing tone and strategy to suit this unprecedented situation that continues to unfold in new ways everyday. Although this is a challenging time for everyone, the Slick Marketers team is doing everything it can to ensure that our clients get through this, through both consistent communication and brainstorming. In closing, we are thankful to be able to work with our customers during these difficult times. We hope that all of our customers, as well as their friends and family are all staying safe and healthy!

Josh Davis