Cabo Conversations with Heather Safrit

May 6, 2020by Josh Davis0

Hi Everyone! Meet Heather, the owner of Sola Palm Beach Treasure Coast and Sola Savannah! We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Heather for about two years now and it’s been amazing working alongside her and her team. Together, we’ve been able to come up with many campaigns and ideas that have found a lot of success in her specific markets on the East Coast. However, the one thing that has struck us most about Heather, is how far she is willing to go to take care of her locations and beauty professionals. Whether it be pre-pandemic or during the pandemic, Heather has truly gone above and beyond to ensure the safety, health, and happiness of each and everyone at her locations. Both Sola Palm Beach Treasure Coast and Sola Savannah are so lucky to be under Heather’s care!

Josh Davis

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