Advantages of Using Text Message Marketing

May 29, 2020by Josh Davis0

Did you know that the average American checks their phone almost 80 times a day, opening 98% of texts? With consumers spending that much time on their phones, it’s important to take advantage of an underutilized marketing tool: SMS Marketing.

Text message marketing or SMS marketing, allows for businesses to send coupons, special dates, announcements, campaigns, current events and other important information directly & quickly to customers!

SMS Marketing has the best engagement rate. The open rates for emails range around 20%, while text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being received!

Text messages are easily manageable through a desktop. Any message campaigns that need to be sent can be tracked through service websites, and customer phone numbers can be saved, edited or deleted.

Interactive content within the messages allow for customers to be directed to a website, or respond to short messages such as confirming a reservation!

SMS Marketing gives a personal touch to any business’s marketing campaign, and with consumers on their phones now more than ever, Slick Marketers can help grow your subscriber list and engagement.

Josh Davis

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