5 Things The Top LinkedIn Profiles Have in Common

June 26, 2020by Josh Davis0

LinkedIn has become the top site to professionally network business, job search and document employment. A Facebook for business and business people.

With jobs in such demand today, employers are paying extra attention to not only an applicants qualifications but also their presentation. Here are 5 easy ways to stand out from the rest:

1. Headlines should include strong keywords that you want to be known for and make someone want to keep reading your profile. It’s your introduction.
2. Your summary should be written in an aspirational tone. Describe who you are, where you want to go, and the things you do better than anyone else.
3. Our looks constantly change so make sure your virtual self still represents you. The photo frame is limited in size so focus on filling it up with your face!
4. Skills are a secret weapon. This section can be endorsed by previous employers, coworkers, etc. Make sure to put your strongest skills at the top.
5. Your experience section should list your duties but in a way that tells a story. Explain how your duties matter to where you are in your career and your achievements big and small.

Josh Davis

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