2020 Holiday Season

September 30, 2020by Josh Davis0

Is your business prepared for the 2020 Holiday season?

This year has certainly been a huge year for online shopping and it isn’t over yet. In fact, U.S. consumer spending is projected to increase by 35% for online shopping this holiday season, due to COVID-19. Taking that projection into account, it’s important that your business and website can deliver the level of quality that consumers are expecting.

First and foremost, optimizing your ecommerce store and website to be able to handle the increased traffic, will either make or break a consumer’s shopping experience. Easy site navigation, easy check-out and payment processing, high-quality product photos & descriptions, fast load times on both desktop and mobile sites, and most importantly a readily available customer service team, will all increase your online store’s productivity and retention rate.

October is the perfect time before the holiday season begins, to ensure that you have a clear plan regarding how you’ll be able to effectively handle marketing, promotions and customer service.

Josh Davis

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