Kim Bennett: Owner/Stylist Kim Bennett Studios, Sola Salon Studios Culture Ambassador and Director of Industry Relations, Paul Mitchell National Educator

October 26, 2020by Josh Davis0

Today is a special double feature in continuation of our National Women’s Business Week celebration, and our second business queen that we’d like to spotlight is Kim Bennett! Kim radiates positivity and enthusiasm everywhere she goes, and is a pure example of what can be achieved if you believe. The path that she’s taken to build her career one step at a time is truly inspiring. Read on to learn more about Kim and her business journey:

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Owner/Stylist Kim Bennett Studios
Sola Salon Studios Culture Ambassador and Director of Industry Relations
Paul Mitchell National Educator


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 It has been a true privilege to give the gift of beauty to all of my clients over the years! I love that feeling of gratitude when you see that light in someone and being able to help them shine on the outside, feeling better about themselves. Becoming an educator for Paul Mitchell gave me the skills to raise the artistic and business level of other beauty professionals and I learned quickly that I loved giving back to the beauty industry. Being Sola Salon Studios Culture Ambassador has given me a platform to connect and help over 15,000 like-minded small business owners create their dreams and live the life they love. Honestly, I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet!  

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 I chose the beauty industry because I knew I could explore and be challenged in all aspects of business. Last year Forbes stated that the beauty industry is a $532 billion business. I know it is ever-changing and it keeps me growing along with it. There are many paths and no true boundaries. I have been able to set goals, take risks and reap the rewards along the way. I enjoy being in the driver seat of my career. 

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I started very young focusing on the art of my business and soon came to realize that to be successful, I needed to focus “on my business, not just in my business.” I became very driven on setting goals and reaching them. I am a single mom and I not only want my daughter to be proud of me, but I have the responsibility of being her provider.  I am motivated to be able to juggle and have it all, motherhood, a successful business and the ability to show other women that they can do it too!!

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The leap of faith I made to opening the very first Sola Salon Studio over 16 years ago and becoming an entrepreneur, set the idea that I was a real business woman in motion. The idea of owning my own salon and having the freedom of no limitations, started me on a path of creating the biggest dreams for my life. Success means something different for everyone and you have to start with knowing what it even looks like before you can start to measure it. For me, I wanted to merge my career with my personal life, as they both bring me joy. I also wanted an inclusive culture to help elevate everyone around me, therefore elevating me. I feel successful because I am achieving those goals everyday and I am truly living the life that I love!

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I am proud of being a business woman because I made made many choices to get uncomfortable and get out of my comfort zone. When you let go of any kind of fear, I guarantee that you will learn something and grow from it. It takes courage to aspire to become a business woman. If you lead with your heart and not just your head, answer any question with integrity, and live everyday at a vibration of gratitude, you can achieve anything!

Kim Bennett

Owner/Stylist Kim Bennett Studios
Sola Salon Studios Culture Ambassador and Director of Industry Relations
Paul Mitchell National Educator

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