Taylor Everitt: Area Director of Sola NW Houston

October 29, 2020by Josh Davis0

The ability to “wear many hats” and efficiently multi-task, is a skill that is sometimes under-appreciated in the world of business. With that being said, Taylor Everitt, Area Director of five franchise locations in the North West Houston area, can count that as one of her greatest strengths. Read on to find out more about how Taylor juggles so many different responsibilities:

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Area Director of Sola NW Houston

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I enjoy that I work with a diverse group of people and I love that it’s a majority of women. Women supporting women is how we will achieve our individual goals, as well as our overall goal of having more women in positions of power.

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It kind of chose me. I have always loved to help people and work in a team environment, but I didn’t know where it would take me. I started in the beauty industry as a hair color specialist, then found my love of education and inspiring young women to create the future that they always wanted. Now, as Area Director of Sola Salons NW Houston, I get to help professionals start, manage and grow their business. It’s inspiring to watch and be a part of it.

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Being a business woman means the world to me. Everyday is a chance to learn, grow and show people that women are the right people for the job. It means all the hard work our mothers and grandmothers put in over the decades, is finally paying off.

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My experience as a business woman has been different in every role that I’ve had. You have to build up the team around you, you can not do it all by yourself. The sooner you figure that out, the easier your life will be.
I measure success by the longevity and happiness of my team. Obviously, bottom lines/budgets are important and a profitable business is the desired outcome, but you have to love what you do in order to achieve those goals.
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I would tell them it’s not an easy road, but it’s getting easier everyday. Women not only have the power to shape their future, but the futures of other women, their friends and family. Figure out what you want to do and don’t let anything stop you.


Taylor Everitt

Area Director of Sola NW Houston

Josh Davis

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