12 Days of Marketing

December 24, 2020by Josh Davis0
As 2020 draws to a close, we move towards closing the curtain on what has been a truly unprecedented year. It has brought with it struggles that many of us have never encountered before and struggles that we hope to never encounter again. However, Christmas time is here and even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s no denying that this is a time to be shared and cherished with loved ones, whether it be in person or remotely this year.
At Slick Marketers, we’ve been celebrating the “12 Days of Marketing”, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed following along with it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. To cap off our “12 Days of Marketing”, we put together a video of us singing all of our custom marketing lyrics. Although you won’t be finding us on any televised talent shows, we’re more than happy to simply remain your digital marketing team. We truly can’t express how humbled we all are that you’ve stuck with us during these tremendously trying times. All of us at Slick Marketers are thankful for every one of our clients that has ever requested “a package with a marketing guarantee”.
Happy Holidays, from Slick Marketers

Josh Davis

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