Families Forward

December 29, 2020by Josh Davis0

Incredible organizations like Families Forward are shining examples of some of the true heroes, during what has been an unprecedented year for everyone. With core values including dignity, empowerment, accountability, community spirit and hope, Families Forward exists to help families in need achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through housing, food, counseling, education, and other support services. Families without housing are particularly at-risk during the COVID-19 outbreak, so with that being said, Families Forward has addressed this concern by providing essentials such as housing and supportive services for this vulnerable population without interruption, through online, teleconference and over-the-phone services. Knowing that we’ve contributed to this cause, means so much to every single member of the Slick Marketers team. If you’re able, you too can make a difference in your community during a time when it needs it more than ever.

Josh Davis

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