What Makes Slick Marketers Different from Other Marketing Agencies?

May 14, 2021by Abby McCormick0

Here at Slick Marketers, we make it our goal to ensure all of our clients are pleased with our service and commitment to their brand. Our services and strategies greatly set us apart from other marketing agencies, further enhancing our belief in franchise marketing, localized marketing, and social media marketing and their impact on a given brand. 

The Slick Marketers Difference

Slick Marketers, based in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, is a small business achieving huge success. Our marketing strategy lies in the ability to understand the importance of each business to their owner and see and exceed the goals our clients want to achieve. We personalize our marketing to each specific brand, looking for the aspects of their business that will help them to grow and achieve their personal goals for success.

As a small business ourselves, we make it our mission to understand how each business in need of marketing assistance can objectively achieve their goals. We see and relate to the importance of small businesses on their owners and managers, especially because we often face similar challenges and experiences. At Slick Marketers, we guarantee transparent and straightforward communication, ensuring our clients are always up-to-date on the strategies, designs, and ideas that will help them to prosper. 

We do not settle for maintenance, but rather choose to continue to successfully grow and expand the network of each client and their business. Whether your business’ goal is to expand brand awareness or bring in new clients, we ensure a personalized experience tailored to your objectives. We genuinely care about the success of our clients, and we know and understand that running a lucrative business is difficult and time-consuming. Our dedication to our clients reflects strongly in the designs, writing, and communication we guarantee with each marketing package. 

Individualized Content

Here at Slick Marketers, we pride ourselves on the ability to create, generate, and promote individualized content specific to each business’s needs. We are very conscious of the brand image and network, and we ensure that our designs, diction, and interaction all reflect our dedication to your company. 

Though we may be based in Southern California, that does not impact or change our localized marketing promise. Localized marketing is something that sets Slick Marketers apart from other companies: from checking the weather in each location daily, to going to our clients’ locations to capture new and exciting photos, we pride ourselves on our ability to use distance to our advantage instead of allowing it to work against us. The use of localized marketing helps to grow brand awareness, promising potential customers and clients that each specific business is conscious of their community impact. 

Regardless of the goals of your business, Slick Marketers guarantees quality, punctuality, and accountability in all of our practices. We promise amazing customer service and interaction that can’t compare to other marketing agencies. We encourage individuality amongst the masses, creating vibrant, explosive, and excellent content to help grow, maintain, and engage with the community. 


Slick Marketers offers search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and content writing services, among other things. The services we provide allow us to remain dedicated to you and your brand, learning more about the impact that your company has on the surrounding community and how we can expand on that. We guarantee quality and punctuality that is unmatched by our competitors, primarily because of our hands-on, one-on-one approach to marketing for your business.

As a franchise marketing agency, we make it our mission to serve each franchise personally and professionally. No matter how far along a franchise is in their marketing journey, we are happy to jump in and create a personalized plan to continue to grow, build, and foster the relationships each franchise has built. Having worked with a wide range of franchises across many different industries, we are incredibly well-versed in the things that continue to help develop the franchise brand and set it apart from the competition.

Franchise Marketing

As franchise marketers, we believe in the mission and goal of franchisees. We see the dedication that franchise owners put into their businesses, and we find it inspiring and gratifying to help them achieve their professional goals. Franchise marketing is a specific type of marketing that plays off of an already established brand, but with a twist. Our strategy ensures that your business develops its own separate identity, while still aligning itself with the mission of the franchisor.

We truly believe that franchise owners have an unmatched dedication to their businesses that we find wildly individual and inspiring. This is a large reason that we have directed our company to work with clients who own franchises and why we have put so much effort and time into researching what works best for each location and operator. 

In Closing

Our dedication to our clients is what sets us so strongly apart from other marketing firms across our community, and even the country. Our commitment to serving each business with an individualized and strategic plan to help their awareness grow is something we pride ourselves on. Regardless of how a specific business has performed in the past, it is our goal to create a plan that caters to the company, its brand, its location(s), and its customer base. 

At Slick Marketers, you can expect quality communication, direct and informed decisions, methodical plans, and unmatched customer service that is invaluable to growing your business and network. Our localized marketing strategy makes our clients feel connected and comfortable with us, and our consistent and positive engagement is what keeps our clients satisfied with our service. You will not find this level of customer service, satisfaction, or dedication at any other franchise marketing agency, guaranteed. 

We highly encourage you to reach out to us for your free marketing consultation by calling (714) 510-2736. 

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