What is Franchise Marketing?

June 29, 2021by Abby McCormick0

At Slick Marketers, one of the things we pride ourselves on is our strong belief in franchise marketing. For those unfamiliar with what a franchise is, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “the right or license granted to an individual or group to market a company’s goods or services in a particular territory” (courtesy of Merriam-Webster). Franchising is often defined by a franchisor, who manages the business’s brand, and the franchisee, who pays the franchisor to use their name and brand identity in a location of their choosing. 

What Sets Franchising Apart From Other Business Ownership?

One of the most defining aspects of a franchise is the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee. The benefits of franchise ownership often outweigh that of other businesses, including the ability to use an already defined brand that often already has a following to some degree. By choosing to become a franchisee, a business owner is utilizing a previously established mission to gain traction wherever they choose to open up shop. 

The relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee far extends that of the previously established and trusted brand. The franchisor often supports their franchisor in many ways, including providing the tools and tactics to help franchisees run and operate their businesses up to the corporate standard. In return, the franchisee is asked to advertise the product and business as specified by the franchisor, meeting all expectations of maintenance and marketing to develop a strong, positive local association with the company. 

After paying the franchisor a fee for the rights to their own facet of the company, the franchisee is provided with the licensing, support, and sometimes, marketing assistance that they may need to kick start their success. For these and many other reasons, investors and business owners may choose to partake in franchise-ownership. 

What Is Franchise Marketing?

At its most basic level, franchise marketing is marketing for those franchisees and franchisors. Franchise marketers often help the franchisees to maintain dedication to the corporate brand that has already been established. There are a lot of factors that go into marketing a franchise, including creating a sense of individuality from that corporate brand that makes the franchise stand out from the typical model. 

One of the things that sets franchise marketing apart from a typical business marketing model is the fact that the brand has already been established. There are set rules, guidelines, and procedures that ensure that the franchisee is operating at the corporate standard level – these small but significant factors include precise colors, text/font, slogans, and logos, all of which define the franchisee in the same way that they define the franchisor. 

Here at Slick Marketers, we feel that franchise marketing is where we thrive the most. We have found our niche, and we believe that we understand the passion that goes into every franchise. The established brand is convenient, but it also gives our firm the ability to establish individuality from location to location, and create an attractive offering based on local market demands.

Another differentiating factor between franchisees and non-franchise business owners is the strong belief in the mission. While both of these parties believe in what they’re doing, in a normal business setting, the brand is so significant that it needs to appeal to consumers and consumers alone. In a franchise, the franchisee chooses to give up a portion of their profits to the Corporate company, because they strongly believe in the systems and brand in place offering their customers a true difference. They believe in the mission so deeply that they have invested their own profit to watch it grow and expand. Franchisees have a deeper connection to the consumer because at one point, they were the consumer. 

This invigorating passion for the company by both the franchisor and the franchisee is what we love about serving franchises. Creating the individuality that each location and operator wants, as well as working with the corporate brand, are some of the reasons we love franchise marketing. 

Franchise Marketing with Slick Marketers

As mentioned, we feel we have found our niche in franchise marketing. There is something so inspiring and invigorating about a franchisee’s passion for the company they chose to be a part of. Each franchise that we serve has proven to be an incredible partnership, and we believe that through our marketing tactics, including social media marketing, localized marketing, and deliberate planning, we have created a well-rounded and dedicated strategy for developing the approach that best suits our franchisees. 

While we are based in Orange County, California, we have clients spanning across the United States and into Canada (more on this here). We market for 200+ locations across North America, and our client base continues to grow. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively and meaningfully serve these clients, despite the distance that falls between us. We check weather reports and consistently watch the news to stay informed on what is happening in the cities, counties, and states that we serve, and we have traveled to locations to get captivating and refreshing photos that help to sell the regions and products. We believe that by building a community and network through social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we are better able to cultivate and grow each franchise. 

We are honored to have such amazing clients all over North America, and we thank them for choosing us to represent their franchises. Franchise marketing is rooted in creating a deeper connection to the location (city, town, county, etc.) and the corporate brand, which means learning the things that set each location apart from one another. We are ready to help market your franchise, so give us a call at (714) 510-2736 for your free marketing consultation.

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