Happy National Boss Day to the Best One There Is: Nikki Ong!

October 15, 2021by Abby McCormick0

All of us here at Slick Marketers would like to wish our incredible, inspiring, hard working boss, Nikki Ong, a very Happy National Boss Day! As a way to honor our fearless leader, we’d like to highlight her background and all of the things that make her the heart and soul of Slick Marketers. 

Originally from Modesto, California, Nikki grew up as the oldest of five siblings and with an incredibly wild and spirited personality. Feeling the itch to find somewhere new, she left for college and made her way down to Southern California. She graduated from the University of California – Riverside with a BA in Business Administration, and went on to get her MBA in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing and International Business at California State University – Fullerton.

Driven and inspired, Nikki went on to work as a marketing manager, focused on internet marketing. Puzzled by the lack of appreciation for marketing efforts, Nikki made it her goal to prove that marketing was (and still is!) a valuable and time-consuming process that takes hard work and dedication.

In 2011, Nikki and her husband, Roth, welcomed their first child, and Nikki’s will to find the perfect work, life, and family balance began. She chose to leave the company she was working for, and out of an abundance of passion, perseverance, and grit, she took the leap and started her own Marketing Agency. Thus, Slick Marketers LLC was born!

As many of you already know, Nikki’s passion for her clients and their businesses is unmatched. Through countless hours of hard work and determination, Nikki has been able to grow Slick Marketers into the astounding Franchise Marketing company that it is today!

Nikki is the kindest, humblest, most understanding boss there is. We are so grateful for all she does, every single day, including all of the behind-the-scenes work that our staff doesn’t even have to think about. Nikki has dedicated herself to our team, for which all seven of us are incredibly grateful.

Nikki, thank you for being the best boss we all could have ever asked for. As a way to say thank you for all you’ve done, all of us on the Slick Team have written a little something for you. 

“One word I’d use to describe Nikki is inspiring. Nikki, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that you are truly inspiring in a lot of different ways. Most of all, I’m inspired by the courage and ambition that you showed to start your own company as a minority woman, who experienced the security and comfort that comes with being an employee at a big business. Not only that, but your positivity and encouragement is unwavering even in the face of a workload that only seems to grow and demand more of you each and every day. I couldn’t have asked for a better boss. Thanks for all that you’ve done for me and continue to do for the team and I. Happy National Boss Day!” -Josh Davis, Team Lead + Marketing Specialist

“One word I’d use to describe Nikki is supportive. Since I started at Slick Marketers, Nikki has always supported me in every way, from my desire to learn and grow more in my role, to making sure I maintained a good work/life balance so I could still focus on my family. Nikki, thank you for being the best boss ever! I’m so proud to be part of the Slick Team!” -Krystin Rader, Account Manager + Marketing Specialist

“One word I’d use to describe Nikki is energetic. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow here at Slick marketers, we appreciate you getting us the clients.” -Steven Jung, Video Editor + Marketing Specialist

“One word I’d use to describe Nikki is joyful. Thank you, Nikki, for always creating a fun, inspiring, and welcoming work environment!” -Kim Sosa, Graphic Design Lead + Marketing Specialist 

“One word I’d use to describe Nikki is dedicated. Nikki’s dedication to her work, our team, and our clients shows through in all she does. Thank you, Nikki, for being the best boss out there! It is such an honor to be a part of the Slick Marketers team – you have taught me so much and inspire me to be the best I can be every single day. I appreciate you!” -Abby McCormick, Content Writer + Marketing Specialist

“One word I’d use to describe Nikki is knowledgeable. Being a new member on the Slick team, Nikki has made the introduction process warm and welcoming. It is clear she has cultivated a positive environment around the workplace, and I feel very appreciative of that! Thank you, Nikki!” -Arin Priest, Marketing Assistant 

Nikki has truly created a positive, uplifting, and educational work environment for all of us here on the Slick Marketers Team. Nikki, we cannot begin to thank you enough for all you do for us – you are an inspiration to us all, and we’re lucky to have you. 

Happy National Boss Day to the best one out there – we appreciate you more than you’ll ever know, Nikki!

Abby McCormick

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