Our Word of 2022: THRIVE

January 22, 2022by Abby McCormick0

As we swiftly take on the start of 2022, our team has spent time reflecting on our goals and ambitions for this coming year. As we considered the weight and value of all that we wanted to accomplish, we came to the conclusion that all of these goals could be defined by one word. Thus, we chose our Word of the Year: THRIVE. 

The word “thrive” encapsulates all of our business and individual goals, including strengthening our clients’ businesses, our own business, and our relationships in and outside of work. To us, thriving isn’t simply about growing – thriving is strengthening your foundation and core so that you and your business can flourish. 

As we examined the past year, our team concluded that while our clients were all doing great, we wanted to help them grow beyond that. At Slick Marketers, we have always been dedicated to delivering the best possible marketing results to our clients through consistent, heart-felt commitment to their businesses. This year, our team aims to deliver those same results while also developing a stronger foundation for each of those businesses to further succeed.

Growth has always been a large part of our company. Through growth, we have learned the strategies and marketing tactics that have allowed us to develop into the business that we are. In 2022, we want to continue to grow our business and achieve company milestones by taking on new and different projects, challenging ourselves with exciting undertakings, and developing and learning new skills.

When we think of the word “thrive”, the image of a mighty oak tree comes to our teams’ minds. Without the proper soil, solid roots, or sturdy trunk, the tree would not be able to prosper and grow. This year, the Slick Marketers team will push ourselves to dig deeper into our clients needs and to hold one another accountable to our clients. Through unrelenting devotion to their brand, needs, and goals, our team will continue to deliver the best possible marketing results to our clients. 

2021 was a year of tremendous growth and recovery for us and our clients. That’s why we’ve named 2022 the year of THRIVING – a year to flourish and grow in every possible aspect of our business. 

Abby McCormick

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