People We Admire: Teresa Whisler

February 8, 2022by Abby McCormick0

It is with great pleasure that we recognize Teresa Whisler as a person we admire this month. Based in Lancaster, PA, Teresa has a significant impact on the industry and territories she works in as the Director of Operations. She oversees Sola Salons in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Nashville, where she supports the team of leasing managers. Teresa is admired by the Slick team and her Sola Salons Team for her caring spirit and dedication to properly and effectively overseeing operations.  

Teresa’s personal professional background is what led her to finding a career with Sola Salons. Her strong commitment to her work ethic and perseverance in the face of adversity sets her apart from countless others in her field, and makes her an inspiration that others in the industry look to. 

“I love supporting others to fulfill their dreams and potential,” she says. “I’ve always loved all things beauty – hair and makeup specifically – but I had natural skills in business. I’m so blessed to be able to combine the two.” 

Teresa’s mother was a strong-willed, committed State Personnel Director. Having her mother to look up to motivated her to follow her own passions, eventually landing her at Sola Salons. “I feel that in some ways, I am following [my mom’s] footsteps. I hope she would be proud”. 

Her devotion to using her career to better the lives of her clients, tenants, and coworkers is one of her most admirable qualities. Her humble attitude and unrelenting, natural affinity for professionalism continue to inspire us and those she works directly with. “I love the opportunity to lead others while maintaining my ability to be humble and learn from others with different perspectives and experiences than myself.” 

Teresa’s values and understanding of success aligns very closely with our company culture. Achieving the best results for oneself and those around them comes from the dedication and hard work gained from extensive experience and growth. Teresa’s successes are easily measured and recognized on this scale, as her dedication to her personal and professional life is very easily recognized.

We asked Teresa to relay any advice she may have for young women across the globe who are navigating through their lives and careers:

“I would encourage young girls to find their passion and figure out a way to build a career around it – all while making the world a better place along the way.” 

Teresa, thank you for being the hardworking, inspiring person that you are. We feel honored to work with you and to have gotten to know you. To follow Teresa’s life, follow @solasalonslancaster on Instagram. 

Abby McCormick

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