Unique Dedication and Commitment Like You’ve Never Seen Before: Getting to Know Becky Rookard

July 14, 2022by Abby McCormick0

Have you ever met someone who was so obsessed with something that they were willing to give over $2,500 to it? Enter Becky Rookard, Slick Marketers’ Summer Intern and the biggest fan of Harry Styles that our team has ever met. It’s true: Becky has spent over $2,500 on 3 One Direction concerts, 3 Harry Styles solo concerts, and 4 scheduled Styles concerts…along with all of the merchandise and albums she could ever need.

While Becky’s love of Harry Styles sets a precedent for everything else that she believes in, there’s plenty more to know about her. From her dedication to her studies, all the way to her adoration of dogs, Becky is easily one of the most fascinating people the Slick Marketers Team has had the honor of working with. 

Becky initially applied to work with Slick Marketers because she wanted to use her summer vacation away from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, CA, to learn more about the marketing industry. With the intention of using her internship experience to build a better idea of what she wants to do in the future, Becky thought Slick was the perfect place to get to know the environment, gain experience, and learn. Becky belongs to Gen Z, which means she and her classmates grew up directly in the era of social media: while Becky may have seen this as a disadvantage growing up, her organic knowledge has helped get her up and running in record time! 

When she isn’t working at the Slick HQ, she’s working her other job at the local Bubble Tea shop, obsessing over Harry Styles, exercising (swimming and running are her preferred workouts), or volunteering. If it hasn’t yet been established, Becky moves quickly and loves to be kept busy…which would explain her endeavor to achieve so much during her time at Point Loma. Becky is a Media Communications major with an emphasis in multimedia production, and is also pursuing a double minor in Public Relations and Journalism. 

She always knew she wanted to study Media Communications because of the broad spectrum of job opportunities a degree like that provides – but, before kicking off her marketing career, she was dead set on joining the performance and entertainment industry (can you guess why?). She changed her mind after a summer internship with the Orange County Fair, where she worked directly with the concert production team and realized it wasn’t her passion, and her place was most definitely on the other side of live shows and concerts. 

Let’s talk a little more about Becky’s love for and dedication to Harry Styles. While she’s never actually met her idol, Becky’s dedication and love for him remains intact and thriving. One of Becky’s strongest characteristics is her passion for things she believes in, which stretches to all aspects of her life. Her Harry obsession is just one example of this undying devotion and unique commitment. Her love of the famed singer began in 3rd grade, when she and her friends were confessing their love for the most popular boy band at the time: One Direction. She decided she liked Harry for the most 3rd grade reason imaginable: he had a lot of hair, and his name was Harry. 

Just like that, the biggest infatuation of her life began, and she could have never imagined it would lead her to where she is today. Becky fondly recalls her experience seeing Harry live at the 2022 Coachella concert series…where she was “baptized” by Harry Styles himself. Although it wouldn’t quite qualify as a religious experience for most, try telling that to Becky and her fellow acolytes in the front row, all of whom were more than willing to receive Harry’s blessing of bottled water on a summer evenin’. 

Communications isn’t just Becky’s college major…it’s also a skill she has profoundly developed throughout her many experiences and internships! Becky is a part of the leadership team for her school’s Radio Station and TV Studio. Through this experience, Becky has also been able to organize and plan amazing events that her classmates and the surrounding San Diego community get to enjoy. Without her communication skills, however, Becky would not have been able to achieve and accomplish all of the amazing things she has in such a short amount of time. 

As mentioned before, Becky was the prime generation for growing up in the throws of Facebook and Instagram. On Becky’s first iPod Touch (a gift she received in 4th grade), the very first app she downloaded was Instagram, and the very first account she made is the one she still uses to this very day. This first-hand experience with Instagram is part of what encouraged Becky to apply for a Digital Marketing position: her own participation on these platforms has helped her to pick up on the tasks she has been assigned very quickly. 

Slick Marketers is so grateful to Becky for all she has accomplished in such a short period of time. We’re so excited to welcome her to the team and cannot stress enough how wonderful she is! Thanks for joining our team, Becky!

Abby McCormick

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