Sushi, Studying, and Shadi: The Shima Daneshnia Story

September 28, 2022by Josh Davis0

Curious. Congenial. Curated. These are all words that one would use to describe new Slick Marketers team member, Shima Daneshnia. Shima is the Administrative Marketing Assistant of the office, specializing in social media advertising, marketing metrics and coordinating systems for the entire team. As someone who loves to learn new skills and is adept at doing so, Shima is eager to make her mark on the digital marketing landscape.

Before applying at Slick Marketers, Shima worked as a physical therapy aide. Her favorite part was working with people. Although she enjoyed the experience, Shima had a lifelong interest in marketing, with the ultimate goal of helping people connect with one another, something that happens on social media every second of every day. She looks forward to helping build your business, one connection at a time.

When Shima isn’t busy building bridges between clients and consumers on social media, she’s often working hard towards completing her Bachelor’s Degree at Cal State Fullerton. With her commencement scheduled for Spring 2023, Shima has only a year and a half left of managing both her undergraduate and employment commitments, before her plan to pursue her Master’s Degree in Communication commences. It’s safe to say that nothing will be getting in the way of becoming the best marketer that she can be!

In her freetime Shima enjoys sushi (especially at “SUGARFISH” in Santa Monica), Disney days and rewatching Friends, in addition to spending quality time with her family and beloved fur baby Shadi. All of the above are essential to maintaining the positivity and happiness that Shima exudes on a daily basis at Slick Marketers. At the end of the day Shima believes that time is precious, so she makes an effort to use the time she has to pursue her dreams. 

Although she’s still one of the newest members of the Slick Marketers team, Shima has already learned a lot about both digital and franchise marketing. She’s especially looking forward to learning more about Google Ads and creating custom content and ads for future clients. Congrats on everything you’ve achieved and will continue to achieve in marketing Shima!


Josh Davis

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