From Making His Mark on MySpace to Going Viral on Vine: How Daniel Blancarte Scaled the Social Media Marketing Mountain

October 7, 2022by Josh Davis0


It all started in 5th grade for newest Slick Marketers team member, Daniel Blancarte, when he set up his MySpace page. Daniel was instantly drawn in by the way he could connect with people and use his creativity on layouts and designs. From there, he started a Vine account that garnered over 50 million views. With these early experiences in social media, Daniel knew he wanted to pursue a career in marketing.

Daniel was born and raised in sunny Southern California and is proud to be an Orange County native. His favorite part about SoCal is the great weather year-round and the close access to beaches. Daniel chose to formalize his marketing education at Cal State Fullerton. He was particularly interested in social media marketing, due to its ability to reach and connect people in ways that other marketing channels could not. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration and an emphasis in marketing, Daniel landed a job as a Social Media Specialist at Slick Marketers. He’s loving the work so far and is constantly coming up with creative ways to connect with his clients’ target audiences. Growing up, Daniel never imagined that he would be able to use social media as a tool for his future career, but he is excited to see where his skills will take him next.


When Daniel is not working at Slick Marketers, he enjoys going hiking, thrift shopping, trying out different coffee shops/restaurants, and going to concerts. With that said, thrifting would have to be Daniel’s favorite hobby. A few of the things that Daniel enjoys about thrifting is finding cool jewelry, artwork and other antiques. “You never know what to expect when you’re going thrifting, you really have to take your time to find cool items.” At home, Daniel is the most happy when he’s snuggled up with his four-legged best friend, Miles.


Daniel also has a keen passion for traveling. His love for traveling started back in 2019, when he and his family traveled to Europe. Daniel and his family visited London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. Daniel has no problem admitting that he was nervous, considering it was the longest flight he’s ever taken. During that week in Europe, Daniel was completely enveloped and enamored by his new surroundings. He was particularly struck by the beautiful different languages and cultures, now knowing he wanted to explore as much of the world as he could. Since returning, Daniel has set his eyes on Thailand, Portugal, Switzerland and Peru, as a few of his future destinations. He feels that through traveling, he’s broadening his horizons and gaining a better understanding of the world. Traveling has truly changed his life for the better and he can’t wait to see where his next adventure takes him.

With all that Daniel has learned at Slick Marketers so far, he’s able to put his knowledge into practice, while consistently developing his marketing skills and growing professionally. We can’t wait to see Daniel continue to develop in his new role as a Social Media Marketing Assistant here at Slick Marketers. Welcome to the team Danny!

Josh Davis

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