Birds, Bunnies and Business: The Estefany Contreras Story

November 3, 2022by Josh Davis0

It all started for newest Slick team member, Estefany Contreras, growing up in Mission Viejo, surrounded by a barrage of birds, bunnies and everything in between. Estefany loved to nurture her animals, seeing them not only grow, but thrive. Understanding that successful businesses also required a similar amount of love and care, she set her early sights on owning a pet shop and being her own boss, alongside her sister and cousin.

In high school, Estefany excelled in chemistry and engineering and aspired to become a chemical engineer. Her love for science was analytical and evidence-based, but in-time she realized that she missed the creativity and freedom that’s inherent in other pursuits. Estefany also found that the world of business had unlimited possibilities and potential. She knew that she could bring a scientific approach by applying systems, while also using her creativity to problem solve issues within a business. Estefany eventually decided to study at California State University, Fullerton and majored in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.

One of Estefany’s motivations to become an entrepreneur is being able to support her family through her business. Before she was born, Estefany’s family immigrated from Mexico. Her grandpa risked everything to get his family to the United States for a chance at a better life. Estefany’s father and mother worked just as hard, to make sure that she and her family had everything they needed while she was growing up. She’s well aware of the sacrifices that were made by her family to allow her to be where she is today, so she wants to be able to do the same for them. She also has long-term goals in creating something for the Hispanic community.

Estefany applied to Slick Marketers because she was drawn to the diversity of clients and projects. She was also drawn to working for a small business, in order to better understand the challenges that small businesses face. Estefany is currently in the process of thinking of new business endeavors to pursue, while also learning about the world of marketing with Slick Marketers. We are excited to see what the future holds for this talented young woman!

Josh Davis

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