3 Takeaways from the 2022 Sola Salons Summit

December 29, 2022by Nikki Ong0

In a 64 billion dollar salon studio industry, Sola Salons has established its brand as the #1 salon studio concept in North America with over 20,000 salon professionals. For over 6 years, Slick Marketers has been the top marketing vendor for Sola Salons and now proudly represents over 50% of the 650 Sola Salons locations. Due to the overwhelming demand for the company’s expert marketing solutions and services, Slick Marketers exhibited at this year’s Sola Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. The three day conference was centered on the theme of “Building on the Best”. The agency boosted the overall experience for franchisees by providing one-on-one customized marketing brainstorming and planning sessions that focused on best practices. With their efforts aimed at continuing to grow their client’s customer base and customer satisfaction, there were three takeaways from the event. 

1) Leverage national and local marketing for optimal results. 

2) Channel knowledge, experiences and best practices. 

3) Avoid tunnel vision and implement multiple marketing mediums.

Combined Forces For the Win

As a franchisor, Sola Salons has unlocked the key to success by encouraging franchisees to build on national campaigns by customizing and adapting it to their local markets. The ability to personalize national marketing campaigns to reflect the local market is essential to meeting market demands and driving growth. The corporate team at Sola Salons dedicates their efforts on a national level, spreading brand awareness of the business model and making Sola Salons a household name. With Sola’s combined local and national marketing efforts, franchisor and franchisees benefit equally. Everyone wins.

Building on the Best 

The theme of “Building on the Best” reverberated throughout the summit. The Slick Marketers team saw first-hand how the wonderful Sola franchise community came closer together, as they supported each other, sharing knowledge and best practices. The Slick team also witnessed seasoned franchisees taking the time to mentor newer owners, as well as new franchisees raising questions that were previously unasked. It was a wonderful reminder that by sharing information and best practices, a group can overcome challenges and yield widespread success. 

Notably, Slick Marketers’ long-time client, Mike Meilleur was honored as the Sola Salons 2022 Franchisee of the Year. Slick Marketers began marketing for 3 of Meilleur’s locations in 2019. At the time, one of the locations was suffering from occupancy issues with high turnover and low-traffic. Together, Slick Marketers and Meilleur pinpointed a strategy that focused on lead generation and tenant retention. This program highlighted individual tenant’s businesses and established Meilleur’s locations as the gold standard of salon suite concepts. Over the years, Mike leveraged these best practices as he built out two additional successful locations and expanded a third to accommodate an additional 14 salon studios. 

Meilleur shared, “Having a marketing agency like Slick Marketers, that is constantly bringing new ideas and strategies to the table is essential to success.” 

Everything is on the Table

During countless conversations with new and existing clients, a surprising concept emerged. Many clients discussed the resurgence of what are now considered antiquated marketing methods, such as direct mail, print ads, and radio. These traditional methods of marketing have been overlooked in recent years, as digital marketing methods broke new ground. Although we are in a digital era, traditional marketing methods now have a bigger impact. With most consumers receiving very few pieces of mail, a direct mail campaign has recently generated a greater ROI. Regardless of the industry, an omni-channel approach with synergy between traditional and digital efforts is the ideal direction for sustained marketing success. 

Success All Around 

The resounding success of the Sola Summit is still being permeated throughout the Slick ranks. The team continued “Building on the Best” by examining the main takeaways from the conference and using that knowledge to develop new marketing strategies pertaining to every aspect of client campaigns. The company’s best practices and strategies have proven to be successful in multiple industries throughout North America. The team can’t wait to further implement new ideas and strategies to grow their clients’ businesses in 2023.

About Slick Marketers

Slick Marketers is a woman and minority owned full-service franchise marketing agency focused on pioneering marketing strategies and initiatives to help franchise brands realize their goals. Backed by a professional team and a remarkable portfolio of successful case studies, the agency has set the gold standard for creativity, reliability, and performance. Their services include Google Ads, social media marketing and management, email marketing, text/SMS marketing, content writing, graphic design, photography, and more.

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