Soar Above the Competition With Your Flyers

January 24, 2023by Josh Davis0

Soar Above the Competition With Your Flyers

Despite the rise of digital marketing, flyers are still one of the most foolproof marketing tools in the book and a fantastic way to get people interested in your business. Most people receive dozens of emails every day, but only a few pieces of mail. This gives your flyers the opportunity to stand out, soar and shine. The goal with every flyer is to promote an upcoming sale, event, or product launch in a visually appealing and creative way. With that said, the best flyers are eye-catching, targeted, informative and convincing. 

Did We Get Your Attention?

With the average human attention span lasting approximately 8.25 seconds, making your flyer stand out is essential. In order to be eye-catching, your flyer needs to make people stop and take an interest in reading it. Whether that’s achieved through clever copy, enticing imagery, or both, is entirely up to you. If you’re able to draw people in, your flyer has already checked the most challenging box. 

Write on Target

It’s equally important to make sure that you’re reaching the right audience and that’s where targeting comes in. If your flyer is targeted correctly, that means that it’s speaking directly to the audience you’re targeting. This target audience are the people who are most likely to attend your event or buy into an upcoming sale or product launch. This is also a good time to think of prospective customers that you would like to capture. 

Tell Them What They Need to Know 

Your flyer won’t be able to effectively communicate to your target audience unless it’s informative in all the right ways. Make it easy for clients to get the information they need without going through extra or unnecessary steps. Essentially, people should know what the flyer is advertising and where they can find out more. It’s one thing to get people to stop and read your flier, but it’s an entirely different challenge to hold their attention and get your point across. 

A Convincing Call to Action

As long as your flyer is convincing, your target audience will want to find out more about the upcoming sale, event, or product launch that your flyer is advertising. In order to be convincing, your flyer should incorporate elements that get people excited about your product, service or event and there’s no better element to achieve that, than a strong call to action. Your target audience needs to believe that your event is worth attending, or that your product is worth purchasing, as well as have a sense of urgency to act now. 

Flyers are a surefire way to supplement your marketing campaigns. Creating an effective flyer doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require forethought and attention to detail. The best flyers draw the right people in and give them the right information that they require to support your business. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your flyers stand out from the rest! Let the highly experienced team at Slick Marketers help you develop your flier from concept to execution, by contacting us at (714) 510-2736 or (714) 496-4499



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