Brittney’s Thrilling Marketing Internship: 3 Must-Know Takeaways!

May 10, 2023by Josh Davis0

The past four months have been a whirlwind, filled with excitement, fun and learning as I interned at Slick Marketers. I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, from content creation and market research, to engagement. I quickly learned that the world of marketing is incredibly fast-paced, with best practices changing from day to day. Although it felt overwhelming to take in at first, it quickly became second nature to work with the team to share about what was trending or worked for the team’s various accounts. I saw first-hand that interacting and building relationships with followers was integral to making a brand stand out and shine in a positive light for the targeted audience. As I reflect on my time with the Slick team, I wanted to share my top three takeaways on being a marketing intern at a top-rated, full-service marketing agency.

1) A Post is More Than Just a Post – When I came in I didn’t expect the depth and scope of marketing, from making websites for clients to market research and engagement, it was all more than I anticipated. There were also elements that I didn’t think were connected to marketing, such as graphic design and photography. In my mind, they were all different aspects of a company. It takes a lot more work to market on social media than just posting a picture or reel on Instagram once or twice a week, and it gave me an appreciation for what marketers do.

2) Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – I was surprised by the amount of teamwork it takes to make a company like Slick function. Even though we all have our own accounts, it’s not every man for himself. We all helped each other and Josh and Nikki took time to touch base with me to ensure that I was on the right path. It takes a lot of communication between co-workers and clients to make the world of marketing go ‘round. Now I get why I have so many group projects in school, it’s teaching me valuable lessons in teamwork and collaboration.

3) It’s All in the Details – I always imagined marketers for a company just got a spreadsheet on what they needed to promote that week or month, and they just threw something together that matched the brand’s aesthetic. I found out that you can’t just clock in and throw some stuff together to post and consider it a job well done. Every post, caption, comment, etc. needs to support the overall vision and goal of your client. The relationship building, attention to detail, and care it takes was a surprise to me. You really need to take time to build that relationship and establish that foundation and learn their brand and their way of doing things and assimilate.

As I close out my time as a marketing intern, I am so grateful for my time at Slick Marketers. I will never forget the great people I met while I was here that took the time to mentor and encourage me. I learned more than I could have imagined and I know I’m taking a lot of great skills with me.

Josh Davis

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