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The beauty and medical industries united in a groundbreaking event at the FIRST Annual AP NailCon Medical Nail Symposium, held on May 30th in Garden Grove, CA. The event was inspired to meet the growing demand for healthier nail products while also revolutionizing the nail salon business. The remarkable leadership of visionary founders, Dr. Tam Nguyen MD, MBA, Chairman of Advance Beauty College, and Dr. Havy Nguyen ABAAHP, PharmD, the Medical Director, along with the expertise of Dr. Benjamin Van Pham DPM, founder of NailSpaDr LLC, shaped this event into an unforgettable fusion of beauty and medicine. Their collective efforts inspired attendees like Nikki Ong, leaving a lasting impact on the industry as a whole.

A Resonating Message:  

Known as “The King of Nails,” Charlie Quy Ton, CEO of Regal Nails, has garnered accolades such as “Young Alumnus of the Year” and “Top Forty Under Forty.”At the event, Charlie captivated the audience with his inspiring journey. Despite beginning his career as an engineer, Charlie was drawn to the nail industry from his desire to support his Vietnamese community. With over 50% of nail salons being Vietnamese-owned, he saw the struggles of these small businesses and knew that he could make a difference. His first venture began as a nail supply company, offering quality nail care products at affordable prices. Later on, Charlie’s engineering background became beneficial as he developed numerous patents for foot spa systems. 

In the late 90’s, Charlie observed that there were hair salons within Walmart stores but no nail salons. He was tireless in getting the first test location of Regal Nails into the Walmart in Shreveport, LA. Regal Nails now boasts over 1,000 franchisees nationwide. Charlie’s deep gratitude for America struck a chord with many audience members. His commitment to business growth is evident in the expanding gross revenue of Alfalfa Nails Supply and the ever-growing number of Regal Nail franchises. For Charlie and other successful business owners, true joy comes from transforming ideas into thriving ventures that reach their maximum potential.

Unity and Celebration: 

The event was a hub of knowledge sharing and a celebration of culture and community. Genesis Bank’s presence showcased their dedication to serving minority-focused businesses and supporting local communities. Notable attendees included Jennifer Simmons, President and COO, Andrew Mort, VP of SBA, and Jaime Sibrian, SVP Head of Banking Operations. Genesis Bank focuses on meeting the financial needs of small to mid-sized businesses, investors in income-producing real estate, and owners in diverse markets. As an FDIC-designated Minority Depository Institution (MDI), they are the second diverse, multi-racial MDI in the U.S. Their offerings encompass a range of traditional commercial, SBA, and real estate loan and deposit products, alongside treasury management services. Headquartered in Orange County, California, Genesis Bank serves as a pillar of support for the local community.

Orange County and Beyond: 

Advance Beauty College’s President, Linh Nguyen, was invited onstage to share her experience as a second generation, minority business owner. Started by her parents, Advance Beauty College in Garden Grove, CA, is attributed with being the largest nail program in the United States, with over 40,000 graduates. Linh detailed obtaining her cosmetology license as a teenager and then going on to teaching nails and cosmetology at the school. She credited her students in the early years with helping her grow her Vietnamese vocabulary and speaking skills. Linh reiterated Advance Beauty College’s commitment to quality, affordable education and to helping the Vietnamese community at large. 

Slick Marketers’ Journey: 

Nikki Ong, President of Slick Marketers, had the honor of speaking at the event and sharing the remarkable story of her company’s humble beginnings and her personal ties to the nail industry. Nikki first put her marketing ingenuity to work at her mother’s modest nail salon in Modesto, CA. She employed various strategies to attract new clients and build her mother’s clientele. Since then, Nikki has helped hundreds of clients in various industries from beauty salons, to home improvement, to healthcare and beyond. From pen-and-paper databases to sophisticated digital marketing strategies involving Google Ads and social media management, Slick Marketers has become a trusted name in the industry.

Conclusion: AP NailCon’s fusion of beauty, medicine, and inspiration left an indelible mark on all the attendees. The event served as a catalyst, reigniting their passion for serving the beauty industry and reinforcing their commitment to empowering small businesses. Through their expertise in advertising and marketing, Slick Marketers will continue to support and elevate the beauty and medical industry, fueled by the spirit of unity and growth ignited at AP NailCon.

AP Nail Con 2023


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