Genesis Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship: Illuminating the Future of Beauty Industry Entrepreneurship

July 6, 2023by Nikki Ong0

Recently, the team at Slick Marketers had the privilege of attending an inspiring event organized by Genesis Bank, titled “When Genesis Talks, The Powerhouse Series: Exploring the history and future of entrepreneurship in the beauty industry.” Held at the esteemed Advance Beauty College of Garden Grove, this event brought together a diverse group of attendees, tantalizing cuisine, and an array of thought-provoking discussions led by industry leaders. In this blog post, we will delve into the highlights of the event and share our experiences and insights from this enlightening gathering.

An Intersection of Ideas: 

The Genesis Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship event proved to be a remarkable convergence of minds within the beauty industry. Entrepreneurs, industry experts, and innovators all joined forces to explore the history and future of entrepreneurship in this dynamic sector. Attendees were treated to a dynamic panel discussion, covering a range of topics including business trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the industry today. It was truly a platform that fostered the exchange of ideas and encouraged collaboration among participants.

Diverse Perspectives: 

The event boasted an impressive panel of distinguished speakers, each offering their unique insights and experiences. Derrick Nguyen, Esq., skillfully moderated the discussion, ensuring that every voice was heard. Notably, Stephen H. Gordon, Chairman, and CEO of Genesis Bank, shared his expertise, shedding light on the genesis and evolution of entrepreneurship in the beauty industry. Bele Nguyen, an Insurance Agent from State Farm, provided valuable perspectives on risk management and financial planning for beauty entrepreneurs. Tam Nguyen, representing Advance Beauty College, offered insights into the vital role of education and training in nurturing successful beauty professionals. Lastly, Jenn Chung, Founder & CEO of Embody, shared her journey and expertise in building a successful beauty brand.

Empowering the Beauty Community: 

Genesis Bank’s commitment to supporting and empowering the beauty community was palpable throughout the event.  As attendees, we had the opportunity to interact with industry leaders, beauty professionals, and the Genesis Bank team. It was heartening to witness their dedication and passion for educating and uplifting the beauty industry. The knowledge and insights shared during the event undoubtedly have the potential to contribute to the ongoing growth and development of the beauty community as a whole.

Inspiration and Excitement: 

Leaving the event, we were truly inspired and invigorated by the enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by Genesis Bank and all the participants. The event not only shed light on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, but also highlighted the immense opportunities and potential for growth and innovation. Moreover, the focus on the role of minority communities in the industry’s advancement emphasized the need for inclusivity and diversity, enabling a more vibrant and representative beauty sector. We commend Genesis Bank and their entire team for their  dedication to education and empowerment within the beauty community. 

Special thanks to Jenny Simmons, Stephen H. Gordon, Lauren Dibiase, Jamie Sibrian, Andrew Mort,  and the rest of the team for putting together such an amazing event. 

As we continue our journey in the beauty industry, we are excited to apply the knowledge and insights gained from this event to contribute to the growth and success of this dynamic and thriving sector.

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Nikki Ong

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