Revolutionizing the Canadian Beauty Industry: The Rise of Sola Salons GTA

July 10, 2023by Josh Davis0

In a country where the concept of salon suites was relatively unknown, Sola Salons GTA burst into the Canadian beauty scene as a groundbreaking idea that promised to revolutionize the industry. The visionary pioneers at Sola Salons GTA boldly introduced Canada to the concept of salon suites and helped hundreds of beauty professionals take charge of their careers along the way. Join us as we dive into their remarkable story, where the collaboration between a persistent marketing agency and a leasing manager’s expertise converged to transform the landscape of beauty professionals in the greater Toronto area.

The Birth of a Vision

Imagine a world where beauty professionals could thrive in their own independent spaces, fostering creativity and providing a personalized experience for their clients. Sola Salons GTA turned this vision into reality for Canadian beauty professionals. Being the first salon suite concept in Canada, they faced a formidable challenge – educating beauty professionals about the value of salon suites, overcoming the traditional beauty landscape and gaining trust. Undeterred, Sola Salons GTA hired a team of ingenious marketers, Slick Marketers, to help pave the way for their trailblazing venture.

Shaping Market Awareness

Slick Marketers dove into the challenge by first extensively researching the competitive market to gain a deep understanding of the unique challenges ahead. Slick Marketers quickly identified that educating the Canadian beauty market about the advantages of salon suites, while providing value-added information, would be the key to captivating the ideal market. Through meticulously curated content, they crafted a compelling narrative, unveiling the essence of the salon suite concept. From personalized outreach to engaging advertisements, Slick Marketers left no stone unturned in their quest to enlighten beauty professionals about the transformative potential of Sola GTA’s salon suites. With each passing month, the market began to embrace the concept and the possibilities. 

Bridging the Gap

As market awareness grew, leads gained momentum, signaling the changing tides within the GTA market. This is when the baton was passed to charismatic leasing manager, Hila Zer-Aviv. Armed with a deep understanding of the challenges new beauty entrepreneurs face and an unmatched conviction for Sola Salons GTA’s mission, Hila set out to support and connect with beauty professionals to help them realize their dreams. Through her magnetic personality and genuine connection, she ensured that the seeds of interest sown by Slick Marketers blossomed into solid commitments. One lease at a time, Hila led a revolution that transformed the Greater Toronto beauty market and eventually filled all three Sola GTA locations to capacity.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Sola GTA’s journey serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, determination, and effective marketing. The success of the business is undoubtedly credited to the collaboration between Slick Marketers and the Sola GTA management team, including franchise owners Kevin Lent and John Platten. Without Hila’s incredible work ethic and passion for empowering beauty professionals to own their own business, as well as Slick Marketers’ strategic marketing, Sola GTA would not be the industry leader that it is today in the Greater Toronto Area. We appreciate the kind words that Hila has shared about Slick Marketers and we’re so grateful to be able to continue supporting Sola GTA’s success.

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