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Welcome to Slick Marketers, your top-tier Franchise Marketing Agency based in Southern California! Founded in 2011 by President Nikki Ong, our boutique agency specializes in delivering cutting-edge marketing solutions for small and midsize businesses. With a decade of expertise, we craft personalized strategies tailored to elevate your franchise and drive growth. Our targeted campaigns ensure maximum impact, reaching your specific audience with precision. Partner with Slick Marketers for unparalleled results in the dynamic world of franchise marketing. For more information on our services, click here

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After serving diverse industries, Slick Marketers zeroed in on the dynamic franchise sector. The team saw success early on by integrating customized local marketing with the franchisor’s national efforts. The team  meticulously crafted results-driven, innovative, and customer-centric marketing systems tailored to each franchisee’s market and business goals. This approach is multi-faceted, incorporating in-depth market research, brand establishment, heightened brand awareness, relationship cultivation, and transparent communication.  For an in depth look at our marketing success, check out our case studies here!

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Slick Marketers is far from your typical franchise marketing agency. Our experienced team excels in swiftly adapting to diverse markets, irrespective of prevailing conditions. The key to our adaptability lies in the consistent collaboration between our team and clients, enabling us to devise effective marketing campaigns for each represented franchise brand. Each team member approaches their clients and accounts with a personalized touch, ensuring the fulfillment of client needs and goals. This commitment to quality customer service is integral to every facet of our operations at Slick Marketers. Our overarching goal is to streamline the marketing process, providing simplicity and efficiency, allowing our clients to focus on their core strengths with peace of mind.


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At Slick Marketers, our team has consistently delivered tangible results across diverse markets, yet we’ve discovered our expertise lies in the realm of franchise marketing. In fact, we’ve developed a specialized franchise marketing system aimed at fostering the growth of our clients’ brands and businesses in every local market throughout North America. Our suite of highly-strategic marketing services spans community engagement campaigns, leveraging platforms such as social media, Google Ads, content creation, and targeted email blasts. From competitive analysis to personalized engagement and organic outreach, Slick Marketers remains unwavering in our commitment to our clients, ensuring the continued success of their franchise brands. To learn more about Slick Marketers, click here!