Slick Marketers is proud to have spent the past decade as a boutique franchise marketing agency, based in Southern California. The company was established in 2011 by President Nikki Ong after she saw a need for marketing services in small and midsize companies. By providing premier marketing services, Slick Marketers has helped many businesses achieve their goals and grow their businesses. 


After working for businesses in a multitude of different industries, Slick Marketers honed in on the franchise industry. The team formulated a franchise-focused marketing system that is results-driven, highly innovative, and customer-focused. We achieve this with a multi-faceted approach that includes: in-depth market research, establishing each client’s brand, increasing brand awareness, relationship building, and clear and direct communication. As Slick Marketers enters its second decade, we look forward to not only continuing to grow our own business, but also the business of ALL our incredible clients.


The Slick Difference

Slick Marketers is far from your typical marketing agency. As a small team capable of covering all of the bases, Slick Marketers is able to quickly adapt to any market, regardless of the current climate or ever-evolving circumstances. The secret to our adaptability can be found in our consistent team and client collaboration, which enables us to come up with effective marketing campaigns for each of the franchise brands that we represent. Each individual team member treats their respective clients and accounts with the personal touch and care required in order to ensure that all of the client’s needs and goals are being met and achieved. That level of quality customer service is important to everything that we do at Slick Marketers. Our goal is to make the marketing process simple and effortless, so that our clients can enjoy peace of mind while being able to focus on what they do best.


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Specializing in
Franchise Marketing

While the team here at Slick Marketers has produced concrete results for clients in multiple markets, we’ve found our niche in franchise marketing. As a matter of fact, we’ve developed a franchise marketing system designed to grow the brand and business of our clients, in each and every local market across North America. Some of our highly-strategic marketing services include building and connecting with the local community through various campaigns. Social media marketing and advertising, Google Ads, content writing and email blasts are just some of the campaigns that we offer. Slick Marketers’ personalized services – including competitive analysis, engagement, and organic outreach – allow us to remain dedicated to our clients and, by extension, our clients’ franchise brand.

Sincere drive to help clients succeed
Close collaboration and communication with our clients.
Adherence to Corporate guidelines to ensure brand compliance.
Innovative marketing campaigns designed to deliver high-performing results.
In-depth understanding of the franchisee's industry, business, brand, and local target market.


At Slick Marketers, you can expect quality marketing services with clear communication, direct and informed decisions, strategic plans, and unmatched customer service that is invaluable to growing your business. If you are looking for a marketing agency to help with all of your marketing needs, Slick Marketers is the best choice for your business’s growth!