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We write it all. We think, design, write, and edit—we’re ready to apply our specialist skills to your web, email, mobile social media, or other applications.  Being a web writer is no easy task. It’s not just about copy-writing or proof-reading. One needs a big imagination, a knack for the creative, a good work ethic, intellect, and technological prowess.  It’s an art form—carefully tucking in keywords into a text without giving the text a fake feel, coming up with catchy titles and creative labels, and translating sometimes complex language into easily understandable text. At Slick Marketers, we do all this and more.


Why Should You Pick Us?

Slick Marketer Writing Services has been putting our expertise to use since 1997. We’ve helped international companies, e-commerce firms, and government agencies, craft digital content to promote their brand. We use extensive research, psychology techniques, and engaging copywriting skills, complimented by our years of experience, to produce our work.

Our content is written in a scannable format, as requested by most of our clients, and maintains the brand’s voice. We understand that your copy needs to pass through the various gauntlets; through stakeholders, lawyers, and pass compliance standards. Our work is easily searchable, easy-to-read, and understandable. We are also experts at crafting motivating pieces. Our copies influence users in positive ways, encouraging them to be more active. We work fast-paced, and can meet all your deadlines. Our turnaround time is quick, even though we operate at high volume.

The Benefits of Our Writing Services

We deliver everything from mobile and product pages to company FAQs. We understand how the web works. We deliver on-time and on-brand.

Our copies always deliver your message clearly. In few, but impactful, words, we engage and persuade your customers. The principles we apply to our work guarantee that the work we make for you will be:

  • Expertly crafted — Inputs your business goals and factors in your audience
  • Navigable — Our copies are well-organized, easily legible, and divided with links to make them easier to read.
  • Easily skimmed — We put bullets, bold text and short paragraphs to good use in order to make your copy scannable.
  • Colloquial — We know that simpler language makes a great impact—all of our copies are easy to understand, though they deal with advanced topics
  • Search-optimized — We carefully put in keywords and create high-quality SEO content that your readers will actually find engaging, and will like and share with their friends.
  • Kept true to you — We keep you, well, you. We’ll maintain a written tone throughout that is recognizable as your brand voice.
  • Quality — Pristine, neat, flows logically.

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