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At Slick Marketers, there’s no written content that we can’t handle. Whether it be blog writing, press releases, or website rewrites, our clients are guaranteed written work of the highest quality. This guarantee is backed by the highly-qualified writers within our ranks, which includes specialist content writers that have obtained degrees in the communication field, and even some with an emphasis in journalism. These skills have seamlessly translated to the digital marketing work that Slick Marketers has been built on, which requires content that is not only accurate and well-structured, but also creative in its construction and presentation. Whatever the required content may be, clients can count on Slick Marketers to deliver it both on time and well within their expectations. 


Why Should You Pick Us?

Slick Marketer’s content writing services have been satisfying our loyal clients since 1997. Among these satisfied clients have been international companies, e-commerce firms, and government agencies. Although these clients vary greatly in their respective industries, they have all shared in common the need for our digital content to promote their respective brands. With our blend of extensive research skills, consistent production time-frames, and considerable copy-writing ability, there’s no client in any industry that we can’t effectively work with.

In an effort to easily accommodate our clients, Slick Marketers ensures that all content is not only written in a scannable format, but also written in a tone that is consistent with a client’s brand. Above all else, the team at Slick Marketers understands that written content must pass through various channels, such as stakeholders, lawyers, and compliance standards. As a result, our work is always easily searchable, easy-to-read, and easily understandable. However, when there is an opportunity for some creative license, or a need for an inspiring call to action, Slick Marketers is readily eager and able to deliver. Regardless of the high volume of work that we tackle each and every day, our turnaround time is always consistent with client demands, without ever sacrificing quality.

The Benefits of Our Writing Services

In terms of content, we deliver everything from product pages to company FAQs. We understand how web traffic works and do everything necessary to ensure that your brand is visible.

Our content is guaranteed to deliver your intended message clearly and concisely. Whether extensive or brief, we promise that our copy will engage and persuade your customers. The principles that we apply to our work, ensure that the final product will be: 

  • Expertly crafted — Inputs your business goals and factors in your audience
  • Navigable — Our copies are well-organized, easily legible, and divided with links to make them easier to read.
  • Easily skimmed — We put bullets, bold text and short paragraphs to good use in order to make your copy scannable.
  • Colloquial — We know that simpler language makes a great impact—all of our copies are easy to understand, though they deal with advanced topics
  • Search-optimized — We carefully put in keywords and create high-quality SEO content that your readers will actually find engaging, and will like and share with their friends.
  • Kept true to you — We keep you, well, you. We’ll maintain a written tone throughout that is recognizable as your brand voice.
  • Quality — Pristine, neat, flows logically.

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