Estefany is a Social Media Marketing Assistant with Slick Marketers. Estefany began with Slick after graduating from California State University, Fullerton with a B.A. in Business Administration. Upon her graduation, Estefany searched for an opportunity that would allow her to learn and grow as a businesswoman, which led her to Slick Marketers.

Estefany’s passion in marketing comes from the diversity of clients and projects. With that said, she didn’t always have her sight set on marketing. After excelling in the sciences while in high school, Estefany originally wanted to pursue chemical engineering. It wasn’t until she pivoted to business at Cal State Fullerton, that she decided that marketing could help her with entrepreneurial endeavors in the future. Furthermore, Estefany was drawn to working for a small, woman-owned business, in order to better understand how they operate, as well as the challenges that they face. Away from work, Estefany has a strong connection with her family, pets, and community.

Committed to constant improvement!