Graphic Design

Graphic Design



Having a successful business requires more than good customer service and a website. In order to take your business to the next level, create raving fans (clients), and a strong presence in your online or geographic community, having impeccable branding collateral is key. Not only does today’s customer base want competent products or service, but image and branding matters more than ever in our competitive world. Eye catching designs that stand out are one of the many tools Slick Marketers is best known for creating.

On any given day, consumers are inundated with images from print, television, and online sources. Sensory overload can create apathy and only the most worthy graphic imagery can seduce the focus of the human eye.

However, Branding Collateral is more than one image. It is about working with our specialty team to make sure that each and every image your company has under its name represents its mission, goals, and overall values. Your brand’s personality should be highlighted beyond products and services. Branding Collateral takes that mission to define your company for its highest success to print materials and even stationary.

At Slick Marketers we create effective, successful imagery for all or any of the following: Brochures (print and digital), Newsletters (print and digital), Websites, Printed Literature, Envelopes, Magazines and Flyers, Websites, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more), Direct Mail, Business Cards, Letterheads and Stationary, Advertising, Direct Mail, Signage, Power Point Presentations, YouTube, Keynote Presentations, and more!


What is the face of your company? To viewers and clients, it’s your logo. From businesses to cities and schools, a logo speaks volumes through only saying a word or two. It is a critical and viable way to reach out into your community and essential to successful marketing. An easy, comprehensive logo is your shorthand road to success. Whether you want a logo that will showcase professionalism, speed, or stylish branding, Slick Marketers can help you. Our strength in helping companies reach their goals will soon be your gain. Together we will perfect a logo with allows customers to connect with the core of your company’s brand. Don’t go it alone when your branding and company matter. Get guaranteed support and expert help.


Social Media is now a part of most people’s daily lives. Traffic to social media pages is helped by interesting and creative content. Increasingly, images have become key (through the success of Snap Chat and Instagram) to a successful web presence. On social media, graphics, memes, and photographs -combined with notable content- are now the biggest source of attention for new and old customers alike. Slick Marketers has the science, research, and experience to give you a successful social media presence with graphics that work for you. Talk to an expert at Slick Marketers today and become one of the many business we have helped succeed.


The power of a successfully presented website banner is felt the moment a weblink is clicked. Clear, concise, eye catching designs intrigue web-goers and shows professionalism and creativity. Your website banner is more than your company name or slogan. A website banner is an instantaneous reminder of your company’s presence, identity, and skill. While your services or products might be the best in the industry, to stay relevant in the business world, your website banner should showcase your strength by being handcrafted and professional. Whether you haven’t thought about the significance of your web banner before or are simply trying to reinvent and strengthen your image, Slick Marketers can help! Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this integral part of your online presence and risking that another client or customer click away.


A tangible reminder of your company, brochures and flyers can be held, flipped through, mailed, or displayed in store or at marketing locations. What makes a potential client want to pick up a brochure or flyer… or retains clients who already frequently use your business or purchase your products? Slick Marketers can guide, enhance, or put the spin into your print materials with expertise graphic design and guidance.

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