Krystin is an Account Manager at Slick Marketers. Her career with Slick began in 2016, while she was working as a Compliance Director for a company in Orange County. Slick Marketers gave Krystin the opportunity to achieve the work-life balance she was looking for. Krystin’s strongest skills are her quick pace and innovative strategic marketing, as well as SEO, Google Adwords, sales, and email/text message marketing.

Krystin has a B.S. in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of California, Riverside. Having worked at a large tech company for many years, she learned valuable tools and strategies that have helped her efficiently and effectively market for small companies. Krystin is very open to new and creative ideas, and she specializes in local marketing, website development, and strategizing. She loves crafts and cooking, and she is passionate about her family and pups.

I promise to deliver dynamic and strategic marketing campaigns to grow your business, strengthen your brand, and elevate your company.