April 22nd, 2018 is Earth Day, a time when we are reminded that we need to take care of and appreciate the earth that we live on. The health of our planet is extremely important and if we want to continue to enjoy its beauty, we must make an effort to make everyday Earth Day. At Slick Marketers, our goal is to help your business grow, so that the community may prosper along with you. That’s why we make a considered effort to support and work with businesses that also make an effort to support the environment. At the end of the day, each industry, business and individual, is responsible for the world that we live in. Therefore, we must all do our part.

Last weekend, Diego From Slick Marketers had the opportunity to support a local garden/nursery, known as Bareroot Nation. Bareroot Nation is a local nursery/garden, that was created as a way to inspire and spread information to individuals and businesses, interested in helping the environment. At Bareroot Nation you can learn about permaculture, gardening and other relevant self-sustaining practices. The goal of Bareroot Nation is to be as self-sustaining as possible, so that all may benefit from its garden. Bareroot Nation collects rare and exotic, edible trees and plants, so that they may introduce new fruits and foods to the local community. As a matter of fact, Bareroot Nation’s permaculture motto is “ Care for People, Care for Earth, Share the Surplus”. All things considered, Bareroot Nation is a business that not only strives to help itself, but more importantly the community and environment.

Earth Day

In an effort to support Bareroot Nation and the community, Slick Marketers donated a Black Beauty Fruiting Mulberry Bush. The Black Beauty Mulberry bush is not only great for your garden as a form of decoration, but also as a superfood with plenty of proteins and antioxidants. Essentially, its leaves can also be used to make tea, that helps in the digestion of sugar. Diego was given a tour of the garden, along with some tips to help his garden flourish and grow. Kevin Chang, owner of Bareroot Nation, was very knowledgeable and had an answer to every question aimed at him. Additionally, he had numerous suggestions for how to help the community and environment as a whole. If you would like to learn more about how you too, can help the local community and environment, check out Bareroot Nation and feel free to ask Kevin any question or concern you may have regarding your garden.


Earth Day Network is the number one advocate for our planet and all businesses should follow in their footsteps, to better help the environment through proper business practices. In an effort to help the planet as a whole, they have “The Canopy Project”, which is a project designed to help plant trees across the Earth to ensure trees are growing properly and abundantly.

“Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project works worldwide to strengthen communities through tree planting. Using agroforestry, sapling distribution and tree care training, we empower organizations and citizens to conserve, repair, and restore tree cover to their lands. Earth Day Network targets areas of the world most in need of reforestation, including some of the world’s poorest communities.”(Reforestation)

Earthday network has a goal of planting 7.8 billion trees by the year 2020, for every single person on the planet. To learn more about how you and your business can aid in this endeavor, check out



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30211 Avenida De Las Banderas Suite 200 #221  |  Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688  |  Copyright @2023 Slick Marketers LLC. All rights Reserved