Text Messages

Text Message Marketing

With smartphone users spending over 3 hours on their devices everyday, text message marketing is a great way to get in front of your target market. On average, texts receive higher open rates than emails and encourage real-time, instantaneous interaction.

Slick Marketers’ team of marketing professionals can help you craft the perfect text message that is sure to draw users in. We are there to guide you through the entire process, from concept to execution, bringing you the best leads for your business.

Writing and Designing Text Message

Text marketing is so much more than a quick message. It requires a comprehensive understanding of your audience and their wants/needs. The expert copywriters here at Slick Marketers will work with you to craft the perfect message for your audience.

At Slick Marketers, we also offer Multimedia Messaging Service texts, which includes a video or image in addition to a standard text message. Our team of graphic designers can create a text campaign around your brand, so your marketing campaigns are consistent across all platforms. Whether you need a custom coupon, a promotional image or an announcement, Slick Marketers can design something that is sure to catch your audiences’ eye. 


Opt-in Text Marketing

At Slick Marketers, we understand the importance of being compliant with all regulations. Our text message marketing requires opt-in consent and allows recipients to opt-out at any time. Not only is this a good way to ensure that we are abiding by all FCC rules, but it also ensures that the SMS or MMS message marketing campaigns reach an engaged and interested audience.

Text Message Marketing Services | The Specifics


Connect with your audience, no matter where they are located


Customize your text messages to each lead


Get real-time interactions with your target market

Let Slick Marketers Help You Keep in Touch

Whether you are looking to stay top of mind with your customers or want to get your latest offer out to your audience, we can help you create an effective text message, sure to bring in leads and new business. Find out how to integrate text messaging into your marketing strategy by contacting us at (714) 510-2736 or filing out the form.