Nikki Ong is the President of Slick Marketers. As a very business-oriented, results-driven person, Nikki graduated from California State University, Fullerton with an MBA in Marketing and International Business. She founded Slick Marketers in 2011 with the dedication to helping all businesses – big and small – grow and thrive. Having grown up with strong parents who ran their own businesses, Nikki experienced the “American Dream” from a young age and was encouraged to use her knowledge and skillset to make Slick Marketers into the company that it is today.

Nikki’s strengths are collaboration, developing new ideas, and working on paid advertisements, and she feels that she has honed in on the ability to work with clients and support them in their business ventures. She feels her greatest accomplishment is having built a team of individuals with unique talents, all of which she has shown how to properly market to clients with care and dedication to their brand. Nikki is passionate about her husband, kids, and pets, and she enjoys watching anime in her free time.

My promise to our clients is that we will consistently deliver excellence in both customer service and results-driven marketing. Our team is dedicated to supporting each of our clients’ dreams, and we aim to accomplish all of the goals set at the beginning of our journey together.