Slick Marketers’ Nikki Ong had the honor of being invited by her MBA classmate and community leader Tam Nguyen, as well as fellow alumna Linh Nguyen, to attend the 2023 Leadership Awards hosted by the Giles O’Malley Center for Leadership. The Leadership Awards recognizes Orange County and Southern California organizations in different categories of leadership. The event, which took place at a luncheon, brought together industry leaders from various sectors, resulting in valuable new connections being made.

The overarching theme of the event was perseverance, and it proved to be a powerful source of inspiration. The honorees shared their remarkable stories of overcoming challenges and finding innovative ways to thrive, demonstrating wisdom, conviction, and resilience. Their narratives were a testament to the strength of the human spirit and provided valuable lessons for all attendees.

With approximately 380 people in attendance, the event continued its time-honored tradition of recognizing exceptional leadership in the business community. The Giles O’Malley Center for Leadership and its board of advisors selected individuals who exhibited exemplary executive leadership and made significant contributions to leadership development.

The event was masterfully hosted by EMCEE Scharrell Jackson, CEO of TJ Consulting Services. Dr. Jay Barbuto, the Director and Professor of the Giles O’Malley Center for Leadership, not only played a key role in ensuring the event’s success, but also rallied up the loudest table by bringing a bottle of champagne.

Among the honorees were Eric Goodman of Mountain View Services, Everette Sands of Lendistry, and Nicole Suydam of Goodwill of Orange County, who were recognized for their excellence in executive leadership in 2023. Additionally, Robert E. Grant of Crown Holdings received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding accomplishments in both business and philanthropy. 

Robert E. Grant, a multiple award winner and esteemed entrepreneur, captivated the audience with his moving and inspiring speech at the event. He emphasized the significance of stepping up our game and striving to become better versions of ourselves, particularly when confronted with adversity. Grant’s powerful words resonated deeply with the attendees, filling them with awe and admiration. His speech concluded with a standing ovation, a testament to the profound impact he made and the inspiration he instilled in everyone present.

Furthermore, three companies were recognized for their excellence in leadership development: PIMCO, Providence St. Jude Medical Center, and Velocity Vehicle Group.

Overall, attendees left the event feeling truly inspired by the remarkable stories shared and the dedication to leadership demonstrated by the honorees. The 2023 Leadership Awards luncheon proved to be a valuable platform for celebrating and acknowledging the power of perseverance and excellence in leadership.

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30211 Avenida De Las Banderas Suite 200 #221  |  Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688  |  Copyright @2023 Slick Marketers LLC. All rights Reserved