When thinking of all the exceptional business woman that we’ve worked with, without a doubt one of the first women that we thought of, was Hila Zer-Aviv. Hila has one of those personalities that lights up every room that she walks into and the lengths that she’s gone and continues to go to for the people that rely on her, is truly mind-blowing. In continued celebration of National Women’s Business Week, here’s a bit about Hila:

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I love to be challenged daily. Working for Sola allows me to constantly learn new things. Being the operations manager for 3 locations allows me to wear many hats, everything from sales and leasing, to property management. I am lucky to have great mentors who believe in me. They empower me to run their business, which drives me to work harder. It’s a win-win. Sola Salon Studios is such a unique turn-key salon studio concept. Sola enables so many experienced and budding entrepreneurs (mostly women) to take charge of their careers, and it’s really inspiring to be a small part of each beauty professional’s journey. I am inspired by their courage and self belief to make their dreams come true.

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I never specifically set out to work in the beauty industry, but after 20 years of doing so, I feel firmly planted. Starting right out of high school, I gained experience in all aspects of the beauty business. Everything from sweeping floors, front desk, scheduling, retail and customer service etc….but, I quickly gravitated to management. Each position was a stepping stone in my growth. Growing up, I was surrounded by business women. My mother and aunt owned and operated a bakery in Toronto. They came to Canada in the early 1980’s without jobs or money, and built a successful family-operated business for several years. Both of them worked from 5 am until late in the day, 7 days a week. I believe that this inspired me at a young age to be in business. Until today, my mother has worked tirelessly as a waitress to take care of her family.

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It means a great deal, as I have the opportunity to help nurture and advise other beauty professionals in their quest to become successfully self-employed. I have developed strong relationships with those that I have met. Everything I do comes from the heart, which makes it real and people can feel that. It’s important to be truthful, compassionate and optimistic.

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Success for me is not so much measured in monetary terms or titles, but more by the relationships I have developed and maintained with business associates and customers. Being in the beauty industry as long as I have, has provided me with some unique insight and now through Sola, I get to share my experiences with so many. Success for me now, is continuing to help grow the Sola brand in Canada. Sola’s success has heavily relied on the success of each of our professionals, so it’s a 2-way street. Just seeing these entrepreneurs achieve a thriving business, is worth it to me. 

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 With a lot of hard work, passion, integrity and respect, anything is possible. Don’t let obstacles set you back or allow you to give up. These are lessons in your life, which will  make you work harder and allow you to grow. We live in an amazing time, with so much opportunity, especially as women. Our voices are being heard and we are in a place where we are making our own decisions and living a life that is our choice.

Hila Zer-Aviv

Operations/Leasing Manager of Sola GTA


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30211 Avenida De Las Banderas Suite 200 #221  |  Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688  |  Copyright @2023 Slick Marketers LLC. All rights Reserved